HotNews – How to Avoid Copyright Infringement


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The “Hot News” doctrine is a branch of the copyright doctrine, and infringement of hot news is a significant issue. As long as the rights to hot news remain with the broadcaster, a disputed decision could affect Hotnews’s future. This article summarizes some ways to avoid copyright infringements in the use of Hotnews. There are no simple solutions to copyright problems, but the best way to avoid copyright infringements is to use the source material appropriately.

The Hot News Doctrine first came into being in 1918 when the Supreme Court of the United States recognized it as a form of copyright. In this case, a radio broadcaster had stolen war reports from the Associated Press by paying bribes to employees of AP. The copyright laws did not allow the radio broadcaster to use the war reports without permission. Eventually, the doctrine expanded to include other media, including radio broadcasts.

Hotnews is Romania’s most popular news website. It started as a press review in 1999 and soon began publishing investigative pieces and stories related to corruption. Its name was changed to Hotnews in 2005 and the website continues to publish news in English and Spanish. However, Hotnews is no longer run by the same team that originally founded it. Editors from Hotnews’ former team left to create a new news site under the name “Newsroom.”

The NBA’s claim that the hot-news misappropriation claims were preempted by the 1976 Act demonstrates that a claim for a copyright-like right under Section106 is not equivalent to an exclusive copyright. The NBA’s claim was not supported by the Second Circuit and focuses instead on protecting the interests of “free riders” under Section106. Nevertheless, despite these findings, it is important to note that Hotnews has been the subject of a number of legal challenges.